When you select Adam and the Silver Foxx Team for your portrait session, you are hiring one of the best and most sought after photographers in the local area.  With a total of only two years as a photographer and only one as a professional, he has quickly become the photographer both models and family clientele trust to capture their moments.  His experience, knowledge, and creativity, help you look your best, feel your best, and make your photographic ideas become reality.  

The Silver Foxx team have worked on several projects to include their work appearing on the cover of a local magazine.  Their bold style has allowed them to do work with a New York based apparel company to produce boundary pushing and eye-catching imagery that has earned them prestigious clients and demand nationally.  When you work with Adam and the Silver Foxx team you are working with a team that has extensive experience as well as the desire to help you feel at ease during the image making process.


A portrait can transform the way you feel about yourself.  A portrait can be an incredible celebration of a special moment in your life or the lives of your loved ones.  A portrait can be an incredible gift for you or your family.

Everyone deserves a beautiful portrait of themselves and I can speak to the power that a portraiture professionally done can have on a person's self-esteem.  At 36 years old, I had never had a professional photo taken of me. So I set out to put myself on the other side of the camera. I not only understand the vulnerability and uncertainty a person feels being the focal point during a session, but I also understand the confidence and pride of seeing a beautiful or in my case what I feel is a stoic looking photo of myself.  I am grateful that I took that opportunity because I now I understand how people feel in front of me from start to finish with our processes.

You also deserve images that you can be proud of and display within your home.  Maybe it’s to capture a special moment or accomplishment in your life. Maybe you are investing in your own personal brand and want to establish an image that represents who you are.  It could be a special gift whether its a family photo for your parents, or something more intimate for a significant other. Or it could be as simple, and yet an often overlooked reason, as taking the time to reward and pamper yourself.  Whatever your reason is, we will help you feel comfortable, confident, as well as create images that meet your goals. The images we produce will flatter and showcase your strength and beauty.  

My specialty is dramatic photos that Inspire, Engage, and Invoke some sort of emotion within the viewer.  And I infuse my experiences as a Fashion and Model photographer to create stunning images for you and your family.  This begins with sitting down and developing a Concept Board, determining hairstyle and makeup that will achieve the look and theme you have in mind, assisting in the selection of a striking color palette and wardrobe for you or your entire family, as well as retouching and toning during the post processing phase.  In the end we work as a team and use our expertise to create portraitures worthy of your wall, and of a magazine.

When you hire us, you are getting more than a remarkable image.  You are getting a phenomenal and enjoyable experience. To help you enjoy this process and feel more confident I have a letter that outlines the photographic experience and what you can expect before during and after your session.  Contact us today and set up your free consultation.


Weddings - starting at $864

We can discuss Silver Foxx package options, second shooter possibilities, different locations, and more!


Boudoir/Dude-oir/Couple Boudoir- starting at $540


Couture Bridal Sessions- starting at $324

Prefer to enjoy your wedding day being in the moment?  Then let the Silver Foxx Team pamper you with a Couture Bridal Session.  When you hire my hair and makeup team for your wedding day, they offer a free trial on hair and makeup before the big day.  So why not don your wedding dress after the trial and get those Vanity Fair style photos you want without the pressure to rush back to the party.


Family Portraits - starting at $216

We love to help families find a fun and unique way to make their personalities shine! Your family photos should be a reflection of your own style. We can take those photos at home or in a rad location picked especially for you!


Senior Portraits - starting at $216

Celebrate this right of passage and a huge accomplishment in your teenagers life with portraits that showcase who they are as they enter into this next phase of adulthood! Locations, outfit changes and more are included in our packages. Contact us today to discuss your unique ideas.


Professional Headshots - starting at $108

Whether your company is considering having them done for the whole office, or if you’re wanting to update your resume and social media with a great picture of yourself as you explore new career opportunities, let Silver Foxx help!


Modeling portfolios - starting at $108

Silver Foxx Studio has a passion for helping models develop their portfolios and collaborating on retail or modeling photo shoots. With this package each model is guaranteed 4 photo sessions throughout the year to capture photos of in each season.  If you’re interested in developing a profile and working with Silver Foxx Studio to find modeling jobs, we would love to hear from you. We are currently accepting inquiries from Men, Women, and children of all ages, sizes and backgrounds! Contact us today to talk about this opportunity.


Events - starting at $432

A retirement party, a concert, or a gallery showing are just some of the events we’ve expertly captured. Having photos of your personal or corporate event not only preserve memories of a special time, but can promote your business even further!


Retail/Product - starting at $324

We love to help businesses showcase their products! Whether it be apparel, a service, or a tangible item, Silver Foxx Studio has the expertise to highlight your brand by capturing images that will definitely be remembered! We offer full packages including location scouting, hair/makeup, and professional models. Let’s talk!